Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Westerberg Videos from "The Craft" show

Remember The Craft/PW show back in September? Video clips from the interview portion were posted back in October on the RRHOF site. But no performance videos have been posted. Thankfully, there is YouTube and more importantly, Mr. JimP who took a lot of video that night and has just posted a bunch of new clips from that show. And here they are:

World Class Fad

Dyslexic Heart

Can't Hardly Wait


The Story of "Pleased To Meet Me"

Attention PTMM lovers: There's a fantastic new article about the making of the Mats best album (ok, ok, I mean, "what is arguably the Mats best album") up on Gibson's web site, "Torn and Frayed: The Story of the Replacements’ 1987 Classic Pleased to Meet Me". It features extensive recollections from Jim Dickinson and Tjohn Hampton, a longtime engineer at Ardent Studios in Memphis. There's a lot of great stories in the article and you'll also learn the truth about the apocryphal "vomit on the ceiling" story.

More on the Mats: City Pages published the Twin Cities Rock Atlas, a cool map of the rock and roll landmarks around the cities. A couple of Mats mention, as you probably guessed, including the 'Let It Be' house and the C.C. Club.