Saturday, July 26, 2008

Extremely Unofficial Track Listing for "49:00"

I'm posting a completely and utterly unofficial track listing for "49:00", generated by discussions on the message board. There is no official list from Paul. The list below was put together by GtrPlyr, and I tweaked it a tad (he says "Kentucky Horizon", I say "Kentucky Risin'"). I like his list because it calls the songs exactly what you think they would be called after listening to them. I can't think of a PW-penned song that you couldn't correctly guess the name of by listening to it once. Ok, I thought of one, "Alex Chilton", but you get the point, which is, Paul is not an "Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town"-kind of song titler.

Obviously, there's a whole lot going on after the first 3-4 songs, with overlapping tracks and quick snippets you can barely hear, so while this is a solid guideline to where to find stuff, it's not an exhaustive chronicling of every stray note. And I do think "49:00" is most powerful when it's experienced in one full listen, but practically speaking, a) people want to know where to locate their favorite bits when spinning their iPod wheel and b) there are distinct songs on here and for the purposes of discussing the music, it helps to be able to refer to them by a name. So with all those caveats, here's the list, which is song title and start time:

  • Who You Gonna Marry? - 00:00

  • Kentucky Risin' - 03:57

  • Something in My Life is Missing - 06:57

  • Visitor's Day - 10:38

  • Thoroughbred - 14:14

  • Devil Raised a Good Boy - 14:28

  • You're My Girl - 17:38

  • Everyone's Stupid - 18:04

  • You're My Girl (Reprise) - 20:42

  • What Do You Want? - 20:48

  • Never Coming Back - 21:07

  • Goodnight, Sweet Prince - 21:52

  • Guess I'll Be Going Then - 25.47

  • Outta My System - 25:54

  • C'mon, Be My Darling - 29:16

  • Down on the Farm - 33:01

  • 100,00 Pieces - 33:12

  • I'm Clean - 34:24

  • Your Sister - 35:35

  • It'll Never Die - 35:43

  • Short Cover Medley* - 39:46

  • I Think I Love You - 40:41

  • Oh Yeah! - 41:46

  • *The medley includes: "Hello Goodbye" - The Beatles; "Lost Highway" - Hank Williams; "Born To Be Wild" - Steppenwolf; "Stupid Girl" - Rolling Stones; "I'm Eighteen" - Alice Cooper; "I Am A Rock" - Simon and Garfunkel; "Rocket Man" - Elton John; "Dandy" - The Kinks

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More "49:00" Art Work

How much do I love "49:00"? Well, I'm sitting here updating the site instead of watching "Project Runway" - believe me, that means I love it A LOT. I got the official back cover art work today and you can find it on the "49:00" page. Here's a picture of it, but you want to click through to the "49:00" page to get the hi-res version for printing and also find out about some alternate cover art options.

As of now (9:45PM EDT), Paul is still #1 on the Amazon MP3 Album chart. Take that, "Mamma Mia" movie soundtrack! The release is still getting plenty of mentions in the press, including an excellent piece on PopMatters,which you can find here. (who knew?) has what I think is the best article on "49:00" to date because it's actually a review of the album (by Allan Raible), and it's a very thoughtful and (positive) review at that. I've been wondering when/if we would see some full-fledged reviews, since it's a unique and challenging offering to try and review. And now we have one.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More on "49:00"

Wow, what a lot of press "49:00" is getting, it's amazing (and it's still #1 on Amazon MP3 Album chart). I had no idea what to expect when I first heard about this last week - either in terms of how successful it would be or what the music would sound like. And it's been such an awesome surprise on both counts. I can't imagine how I could love this record any more than I do - oh wait, yes I can, if it came with a companion download of the complete versions of all the cover songs at the end of "49:00". Oh, well, next time, right? Here are today's PW-related links:

» Pitchfork
» Listening Post - Part news story, part review, definitely worth checking out
» The Guardian UK
» There's no track listing but if you're looking for some help in getting handle on everything that's on there, a kind soul on the message board (thanks, Hide N Lurkin') has named the tracks and listed the length of each track. Your Titles May Vary but I found this very helpful.
» Another enterprising person on the message board (thanks, GtrPlyr) has posted some revised (unofficial) art, with the cover Paul made slightly re-sized to fit a jewel case and Paul's liner notes/warning as tray art. Download it here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Alternate download of Westerberg's 49:00

Many apologies for the delay in getting a link up for the fans outside the US. Here it is:

Paul Westerberg 49:00 Update

Note: In order to get the album for $0.49 (rather than the whopping price of $0.89), you need to use the link I posted below and:
- Click on the "Buy MP3 album with 1-Click" button
- Download Amazon's MP3 Downloader (takes 1 minute)
- Proceed with purchase

Because of the way it's entered in the system ($0.89 for the 'song' and $0.49 for the 'album'), if you don't do it this way, you will be charged $0.89.

I checked in on the status of downloads for those outside the US and the problem is being worked on and hopefully, I'll have information later today on an alternate means for international downloads.

Paul Westerberg "49:00": Download!

And we have lift-off: Download 49:00 from Amazon MP3

It's one MP3 file, with a whole mess of songs, so even though it's only one download, you're getting plenty of songs. An unfortunate note for non-US fans: Amazon MP3 does not accept international orders (details here). I know how many fans Paul has outside the U.S. and I know that's very frustrating news. I'll keep you posted on any plans to make it available through alternative means accessible to everyone. I'm sure this wasn't from lack of concern about folks outside the U.S.- I know it sucks, but this is the first time PW & Co. have done a download like this and there were obviously some glitches. So stay tuned.