Saturday, April 26, 2008

Crummy Water Tower (!)

Just a couple of items on the reissues today:

» The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has an excellent interview with Peter Jesperson about some of the bonus tracks.
» reviews the reissues: "First four records arrive on CDs with pleasant surprises"

Here's an interesting link (well, I think so anyway). From the blog of Tony Pierce, it's a transcript of an interview he did with Paul back in 2005 when Paul was promoting the HOF tour, and his LA shows in particular. You should read the whole thing, some fun stuff - my favorite bit is below, for some reason, "I'm not a go-seer of stuff" really made me laugh:

Q: Are you using an iPod to listen to your music nowadays?
paul westerberg: No. No. I still like to pull out 45s and put them on the mono record player in the basement. I love the past and I love what it is. I feel I can learn more from what has come before than what is happening right now and what's happening tomorrow. I'll leave that to someone else who's young and energetic. Somebody gave me a blues compilation, a DVD from England, '62-'69. It's got Little Walker and Skip James and stuff and it's I really enjoy watching that kind of stuff. I enjoy watching the Rolling Stones from that era too. I'm not a modern guy.

Q: And you're definitely a Minnesotan. Are there any spots you're gonna wanna hang out at? Do you have any favorite LA spots?
paul westerberg: No. I go from the bathroom to the living room to the headphones to the telephone. I never go anywhere. There was a time I walked over to the Pink Dot to buy something, a candy bar. No. I'm not a go-seer of stuff.

Teenage Kicks has an extensive three-part interview with Peter Jesperson, it's fascinating not only for the Mats stuff in there (and there is TONS), but for his insight into the music business. Must read, people, must read. Here's a little teaser regarding the Sire reissues:

TK: What surprises are in store for Replacements’ fans with the Sire reissues?
PJ: For the Sire stuff, the Holy Grail part II is where we get to release the acoustic version of “Can’t Hardly Wait.” We were just listening to that yesterday and to me, that’s one of the most stunning performances I’ve ever heard in my life .Of course it’s been bootlegged too, but we’re going off the master tape and it sounds beautiful. After “You’re Getting Married” from the first set, the Holy Grail part II is “Can’t Hardly Wait” acoustic which will be the first bonus track on Tim.

"Climb to the top of this crummy water tower, screaming 'I can't hardly wait'"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Even More on the Reissues/Reunion (?)

Lots of press about the reissues, most of it centering on the "will they/won't they?" reunion tour question - so I have a plethora of links for you to enjoy:

» review of the reissues, very interesting and I completely agree that a reissue of "The Shit Hits The Fans" would have been an excellent addition.

» PopMatters has an extensive review of the reissues, which is definitely worth reading, though their 7 out of 10 rating for "Hootenanny" is...curious.

» iF Magazine review of the reissues.

» New York magazine interprets the Billboard interviews to mean that the Mats are "close to reuniting". That's an awfully optimistic read of the situation.

» Idolator interprets the Billboard interviews to mean that "it doesn't sound like the Replacements (or rather, Tommy Stinson and Paul Westerberg) are likely to reunite any time soon" and Idolator is happy about that.

» Paste interprets the Billboard interview to mean "maybe" there will be a Mats reunion and also reviews the reissues.

» Kid In The Hall Dave Foley talks about getting a chance to be in the studio with Paul during the recording of SG. Lucky!

Replacements "I Will Dare" 7"

A clarification about the limited edition 7" single ("I Will Dare" b/w "Color Me Impressed"): You can't buy it as a standalone. It's available only at selected indie retailers and most of them are offering it as a bonus when you buy all of the reissues. A couple of people have reported getting when they only bought one of the reissues, so it seems to vary from store to store. Your best bet is to call around to your local stores to track one down. Also, the artwork of the sleeve that I posted a few days ago shows orange coloring, but the actual sleeve has blue coloring. Of course some are already for sale on eBay, you can check out the listings to see the blue sleeve.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Billboard Interviews Paul and Tommy

There's nothing better than listening to music in the car on a gorgeous sunny day (especially when it's one of the very first gorgeous sunny days of the season) and it was pretty damn awesome to be driving around this morning with the windows down and the remastered "Hootenanny" blasting.

Billboard posted interviews with both Paul and Tommy today. Paul's interview is quite long and touches on a lot of things - his feelings on the reissues and the Mats in general, the idea of touring again as the Mats, what he's working on now, a typical day in the Westerberg house and most interestingly, the fact that he is contemplating releasing some of his new songs online in some fashion: "Darren [Hill] and I are kicking around the idea of selling the songs online, having like a song of the month club. That might be the best way."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reissues: Interviews, Reviews and More

A few reissues-related links today:

» Billboard interview with Tommy and Paul. Despite the discouraging title of the article - "The Replacements opt for reissues over reunion", the interview itself doesn't completely rule out the possibility:


Stinson: We actually talked about it again this year, and I think there was a consensus that, you know, maybe it wasn't the right time (to reunite), or maybe it is the right time. Paul and I were kind of in cahoots talking to them, talking to (his manager) Darren (Hill). There were some things thrown out, and there were other festivals that wanted it too, if we were going to do it. At the last minute, it just didn't seem like the right thing to do, so we didn't do it. But I think Paul and I have something to offer each other still. I think that's pretty obvious when we get together.

Westerberg: I'm very hesitant about dragging the name out there and what damage we could do to the legend. Whatever we did, someone would want something else. If I went up there straight, they'd want us wasted. If we were f--ked up, they'd want us to be this or that. But, I don't know. The records hold the key to the whole thing. So if I was ever going to play, I'd like to play once the whole shooting match is out, because I don't think I could physically get up there and bellow these 18 songs (from) that first record. That's just sheer youth there. I can't find that in a bottle or a pill. I'm just too creaky for that.

» Before VH1 became Celeb-Reality TV, (not complaining here, I will be glued to my TV for the "Rock of Love II" reunion/steel cage match tonight), they were actually a music channel. I know! And thusly, they've posted a "10 Great Songs by The Replacements" feature on their web site. Their picks are from the first 4 discs being reissued and are accompanied by some vintage Mats photos.

» Rolling Stone posted a review of the "Let It Be" reissue, giving it 4 stars. Oddly, in an earlier review, the original issue was awarded 5 stars. So according to Rolling Stone, the addition of the new tracks caused a 20% drop in quality. Uhm....ok.

» glowingly reviewed the reissues, focusing on "Let It Be". "Rhino's remastered, expanded reissues of the Replacements' catalog should help carry their legacy further, while also being a godsend to fans pining for lost songs and better sound. Rhino has revamped the first four indie Replacements albums, with their four major-label releases to follow this fall."

» Meant to post this link awhile back. Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney) posted her favorite Westerberg lyrics on her NPR blog. Some great choices (including one of my all-time favorites, "If bein' afraid is a crime, we hang side by side".