Saturday, August 2, 2008

49:00 Download Update and Reviews

Some news on downloading "49:00". Up until Thursday, you could download it from Tunecore or from Amazon. Tunecore was set up to accommodate non-US users because Amazon does not allow people outside the US to download from the MP3 store. As of Thursday though, the download was no longer available from Tunecore and was the only source. And now today, while "49:00" is still listed on Amazon, the "Buy" function is disabled for it. So you can't get it there either.

When I have news on what's going on with all this, I'll post an update. At this point, I don't have any info to post on what's the heck is going on.

I do have a bunch of links to "49:00" reviews, most are very favorable (and why not?):

Pitchfork - Review
Live Daily - Review "Contained in the recording's 43 minutes are the singer/songwriter's loosest, most exhilarating musical moments since the '80s"
Aversion - Review
Stereo Subversion - Reviews
Aquarium Drunkard - Review