Friday, April 11, 2008

April 22 is Getting Closer: Replacement Reissues

Less than 2 weeks until the Mats issues (April 22), woo hoo. New episodes of BSG and 'new' Mats music, so I beg to differ with Mr, Eliot- April is not the cruelest month after all. Also coming in April is the May issue of SPIN, which will have a big story on the Mats and the reissues. Tommy, Paul, Chris and Peter Jesperson were all interviewed for the feature, so it should be very interesting. The issue should be hitting newsstands in the next week or so. As for the reissues themselves, I haven't seen the final versions yet but everyone who has mentions how fantastic the packaging is, so even more reason to look forward to them (in case the music wasn't enough).

Pitchfork has a nice preview of what's to come, with clips of three of the bonus tracks from the reissues: "If Only You Were Lonely", "Perfectly Lethal", and a cover of "Temptation Eyes" (originally done by The Grass Roots). There are little widgets that (ostensibly) would let you listen to the songs here, but Blogger doesn't seem to enjoy the coding of the embedded player and won't display it. So you can listen to the songs on the News page.

Rhino also has a Listneing Party available, where you can listen to a bunch of tracks from the reissues. All of the songs included here are remastered versions of previously released stuff, none of the bonus tracks are available, which may leave you...unsatisfied....but if you;re eager to hear what the remastered tracks sound like, here's your chance:

Listening Party Tracklist:
- I Will Dare - Let It Be
- Take Me Down to the Hospital - Hootenanny
- Kick Your Door Down - Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash
- Dope Smokin' Moron - Stink
- Hootenanny - Hootenanny
- Johnny's Gonna Die - Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash
- Sixteen Blue - Let It Be
- Kids Don't Follow - Stink
- Within Your Reach - Hootenanny
- Unsatisfied - Let It Be
- Shiftless When Idle - Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash
- Stuck in the Middle - Stink

To get your listening party started in here, click on your desired party format:
RealPlayer is giving away a full set of reissues, you can enter here. I'll be doing a contest too, just getting it sorted at the moment.