Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tunecore link and Mats news

Sorry for the delay in posting this - here's the link to download "Bored of Edukation" from Tunecore.

A couple of other items of interest:

• The Sire reissues are coming out on Tuesday, yay! Which makes this a very timely piece by Bill Holdship on PTMM. He was originally to write the liner notes for both the PTMM and DTAS reissues, but it was then decided that each reissues should have the liner notes written by a different person and they went with Bill's liner notes for DTAS and former Sire A&R rep Michael Hill took on the PTMM liner notes. Bill interviewed both PW and Jim Dickinson for his liner notes and though they aren't being used for the reissue, he's posted them online at Detroit Metro Times. Includes a great quote from Jim Dickinson: "When you're making a punk record, you can't do it without punks. So I pretty much let 'em do what they wanted."

• An update on the Mats fan documentary, "Color Me Obsessed": Hansi Oppenheimer, who started this project a few years ago, has hooked up with Gorman Bechard to finish the film. If his name is familiar to you, you may have read one of his books, namely "The Second Greatest Story Ever Told", a novel about the daughter of God and featuring guest appearances by Paul and Tommy. Gorman is also a longtime filmmaker and plans are for the movie to be out in 2010. You can check out a sample of his work here (a little NSFW language about 45 seconds in).