Saturday, July 19, 2008

Westerberg 49-49-49 Update

Looks like there will be a slight delay in getting the link live (technical difficulties and such) and we're probably looking at a June 49 + 2 availability date (that's Monday) for the download. I'll be sending out an email when the link is up, if you want to be notified that way, you can sign up for the email newsletter.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the cover art and PW-supplied accompanying text. To download the cover art in PDF format, click on the image:

paul westerberg 49



Friday, July 18, 2008

Seeing Through Paul (Westerberg)

Kudos to Dfactor on Waved Rumor for unearthing a great find on YouTube - a 1999 mini-documentary directed by Ondi Timoner (I think it's about 30 minutes long, but that's a guess) called "Seeing Through Paul". It was made to promote Suicaine Gratifaction. Lots of interview footage and lots of music, this is a must-see. It's broken up into 4 clips, and I've posted them here.

Sire Mats Reissues Track List

As if new music from Paul wasn't enough news for the day/week/month, Pitchfork has the track listings for the Sire reissues (due out on Sept. 23), including the bonus tracks. And the bonus tracks are...:

- Can't Hardly Wait (acoustic, Alex Chilton sessions outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Nowhere Is My Home (Alex Chilton sessions outtake) [bonus track]
- Can't Hardly Wait (electric, Alex Chilton sessions outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Kiss Me on the Bus (Tom Erdelyi demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Waitress in the Sky (outtake, alternate version) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Here Comes a Regular (outtake, alternate version) [previously unreleased bonus track]

Pleased to Meet Me:
- Birthday Gal (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Valentine (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Bundle Up (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Photo (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Election Day [bonus track]
- Alex Chilton (alternate version) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Kick It In (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Route 66 [bonus track]
- Tossin' 'N' Turnin' [bonus track]
- Can't Hardly Wait (alternate version) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Cool Water [bonus track]

Don't Tell a Soul:
- Talent Show (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- We'll Inherit the Earth (mix 1) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Date to Church [ft. Tom Waits] [bonus track]
- We Know the Night (outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Gudbuy T' Jane (Slade cover) (outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]

All Shook Down:
- When It Began (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Nobody (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- One Wink at a Time (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Torture (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Attitude (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Happy Town (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Tiny Paper Plane (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Sadly Beautiful (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
- Kissin' in Action [bonus track]
- Ought to Get Love [bonus track]
- Satellite [bonus track]

While in no way diminishing the wonderful job that has been done on these releases by the Mats, Peter Jesperson, Darren Hill and everyone else involved in selecting the tracks, I am disappointed/surprised to see "Trouble On The Way", "Make This Your Home" and Run For The Country" missing from PTMM and (most especially) "Learn How To Fail" missing from "Tim". Pure speculation on my part, but maybe they didn't have recordings of these songs that were of sufficient quality for a release? "Bundle Up" is a great, fun song, but "Learn How To Fail" is a gorgeous, quintessential PW song. OK, enough bitching, it's still a plethora of Mats material and that's all kinds of great.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

June 49, 2008

Available June 49, 2008:
00:49 of Paul Westerberg for 49 cents

stay tuned...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mats Spin Article Online Now

I know it's been awhile since I posted an update but it's been awhile since there's been anything to update you on. And now there is. Nothing major (not just yet anyway...) but I wanted to post a link to Spin's Mats article from the May 2008 issue, which is now available online. If you didn't get the chance to read it in print, definitely check it out now. It was written by Bob Mehr, and he interviewed Paul, Tommy, Chris and Peter Jesperson so it's very comprehensive and as much as you think you may know about the Mats, you'll still learn a few things from it. The digital format of it (sort of a souped up PDF) makes it a bit tough to read, but the flip side is, the pictures included in the article look amazing.

At Geekapalooza (aka E3) today, the complete track list for Rock Band 2 was announced and you'll pleased/horrified/indifferent to learn that "Alex Chilton" made the list (The song, not the man).