Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Westerberg Download: "Bored of Edukation"

A new download is available, one song called "Bored of Edukation". At the moment, it's only available on but a link on Tunecore is coming, so if you either a) just prefer Tunecore and can be patient or b) are outside the U.S. and can't use Amazon MP3 and therefore have to be patient, I will be posting that Tunecore link as soon as I get it. As you can see below, the new download features more of Paul's handmade cover art.

In Mats news, Rhino has posted a Listening Party for a handful of tracks for the Sire reissues:
Bastards Of Young
• Alex Chilton
• I’ll Be You
• Merry Go Round
• Route 66
• Date To Church
• Ought To Get Love

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mats Sire Reissues: Preview Tracks

Just a little over 2 weeks until the Mats Sire reissues come ou on Sept. 23 from Rhino. Pitchfork has a couple of tracks up: "Kiss Me On The Bus" (demo version - speedy!), "Photo" (a bonus track, which some of you may know as "P.O. Box (Put An Ad In The Paper)" because of the chorus "Put an ad in the paper, there's a P.O. box that's waiting, empty as your life and your heart/There's a P.O. box that's waiting for an envelope, a photo and reply"), and a demo version of "Talent Show". You can listen to the tracks below or visit Pitchfork for their full story on the releases. Enjoy!